Introducing deeper mindfulness

"With great respect and love I welcome you with all my heart to deeper mindfulness, a more fulfilling way to live your life."

Do you want to find ways to be more mindful of what you do, how you think, how you feel? Are drawn to the spiritual, personal, social and emotional dimensions of life? I can help you deepen your awareness of these things.

My name is Nick Owen. I have practiced and taught personal development, psychotherapy and counselling for 40 years in London and Oxford. Now, as I grow older, I want to share some of the wisdom I have gained on my path with a much wider world.

In the past I have worked with individuals face to face, but I have also worked with groups as small as three people and as large as a thousand at National and International conferences. There have been many important influences on my therapeutic work, but the most important of these and the one I draw upon most in teaching a deeper mindfulness is Swami Muktananda, an enlightened master in the Siddha tradition, who is often described as the guru’s guru. However, if you are not keen on mystic father figures, you may be relieved to know that my teaching draws on many sources, East and West, and provides a personal integration of many wisdom teachings, both ancient and modern.

You may have heard about mindfulness. Maybe you already read a book or took a course on it. My aim is to take you deeper into it. You don’t need to go to a monastery. You don’t need to become an ascetic. You will learn about the values of compassion and respectfulness for yourself and others and a belief in a deeper nature within you, towards which I hope you aspire. Most of all I want to help you change your mind and let go of the bad habits and tricks that the mind plays.

My courses will cover different areas of life, working, resting, meditating, walking in nature, as well as being creative in poetry and picture making.


Nick Owen / Deeper Mindfulness
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