Are you in a hurry to get back to an alienated, unhappy, driven existence

Are you in a hurry to get back to an alienated, unhappy, driven existence dominated by the wish to gain more money, more things, and more power over your material world?

Then click off now.

Do you struggle with a fear of death and the impermanence of things?

Such a life is infused with a sense of meaninglessness and futility, which can become exposed by the lock down.

You could use the lock down time to re-evaluate what your life is all about. Would you not prefer a more joyful, meaningful life?

Consciousness research shows an urgent spiritual need that we re-evaluate this insane but "normal" way of life, even if we were not already destroying the earth's ecosystem very rapidly because of our adoption of such values. We will not survive as a species this way!

Many people are struggling in this lock down because it exposes the inadequacy of experiencing life lived in what we call a "Hylotropic manner." *

Why not wake up and realize you were on a treadmill, in a rat race, persuing goals which do not bring fulfillment? As Jospeph Campbell put it, "If, finally, you reach the top of the ladder you will find it was against the wrong wall."

Freud said Life was all about pleasure seeking, sexual satisfaction. Adler said it was all about the will to power, accumulating monetary wealth. Jung alone accepted that we also have a drive towards spiritual values.

Eastern psychology has always been about spiritual goals. But the west has cheapened it with gimicky games of mindfulness to help us stay on the hamster wheel. Mindfulness in the west is all too often just a way of propping up the status quo.

You need to go deeper to discover wholeness. I want to tell you that your world can become holotropic not just hylotropic. **

* Hylotropic refers to "the normal, everyday experience of consensus reality." It comes from the Greek, meaning oriented towards matter, or the material world.

** Holotropic refers to states which aim towards wholeness and the totality of existence. The holotropic is characteristic of non-ordinary states of consciousness such as meditative, or mystical or psychedelic experiences.

WAKE UP. We are all going to die, sooner or later. Stop worrying about it. You are not just a bundle of atomes which will permanently disintegrate at the point of death. You don't have to buy into the mechanistic story. You do not need to accept the propoganda of old fashioned Newtonian physics. The quantum world has consciousness at its heart.

A balanced human being comfortably navigates the hylotropic world of diaries and schedules as well as anyone else but is also able to dwell in worlds which transcend normality, where time, body and place do not constrain our experience, where consciousness expands towards the infinite, where our disturbing symptoms need not be sedated with mind numbing drugs but become gateways to a more meaningful life.

You can explore this in my courses in birth , death and everyday life.

My course text in deeper mindfulness is free during the lock down. Just write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and start your first lesson today.


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